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Moroccan Bath in Elite Spa

Relax Your Body & Soul

in Our Elite Spa Center in AlBarsha - Dubai Your skin is the largest organ in your body and is sometimes referred to as the 'third kidney' because it regulates fluid balance and body temperature, excretes toxins, and allows absorption of moisture and nutrients. Chemicals make their way into our bodies and bloodstream through pollution, food additives, pesticide residues and a wide range of consumer products. The accumulation of toxins and heavy metals on our bodies can lead to all kinds of disease and infection 68% of all cancers are a direct result of toxins found in our air. By taking care of our skin on a deeper level through a traditional bath at our Moroccan day spa, we can reduce the harmful toxins and help it function as it is supposed to. We'll take you through the steps of a Moroccan Bath and what the purpose is.

Our Moroccan Day Spa trained masseuse will exfoliate your skin using essential minerals. 4. Steam Room The steam room is an integral important part , because it allows your pores to fully open and remove toxins. It can also help relax muscles, relieve congestion and aches, plus increase circulation and moisture. A steam room treatment works well with a Moroccan Bath, which helps work the muscles you've just relaxed.